Spanish Medieval Pilgrimage Objects in the Lowe Art Museum

As a complement to the Lowe Art Museum's collection of Spanish artworks, the museum has borrowed nine Spanish objects from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Department of Medieval Art for a two-year loan beginning in the Fall of 2016.
These objects, consisting of a various artistic media--ceramics, stone sculpture, metalwork--and spanning four centuries, highlight the quality and variety of Spanish artistic production in the medieval and early modern periods. Many of these objects (currently on display in the Lowe's Samuel H. Kress Galleries) arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) with little information about their basic provenance, that is, their place of origin, date, original context, and function. Students in the art history course ARH 270Q (Spanish Art)
offered in Spring 2017 have conducted research on these objects to provide the background information and art historical analysis that will deepen the knowledge of visitors viewing these objects at the Lowe Art Museum. This website will serve as a storehouse of information on these Spanish objects as students in this and subsequent art history courses at the University of Miami continue to add, update, rethink, and redesign the site's content and format to showcase these beautiful artworks from the Iberian peninsula.